Speech & Language Therapy

Speech and Language, kids speech services, stuttering, language issues, Autism, communication problems

Speech therapy services are provided through our partnership with Speech Therapy Centres of Canada.
Please click here to visit their website or contact them at 905-886-5941.

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy is when a certified practitioner, known as a speech-language pathologist (S-LP) works with an adult or child who has a communication difficulty such as spoken and written language issues, speech difficulties, stuttering, voice disorders, reading, and swallowing. SL-Ps help to identify the disorder(s), evaluate it, and provide treatment for it. Education regarding specific communication disorders, how an S-LP can help and what parents/guardians can do is an important focus of the assessment and treatment. S-LPs also play a significant role in the treatment of children who have been diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Children with ASD have difficulty with socialization, communication and language. Other challenges include repetitive behaviors and interests, such as constantly stacking objects, and echolalia (repeating noises, sentences and phrases that one hears but that are not meaningful or appropriate in that context). Children with ASD are diagnosed on a spectrum from mild to severe. S-LPs work closely with ABA therapists, teachers and others. By teaching children to communicate we help reduce the frustrations and behaviors they may feel as a result of their inability to express themselves. As well as treating a child with a variety of techniques we provide education, tools and tips for all families and team members. Early intervention with an S-LP helps children reach their potential to communicate wants, needs, ideas and opinions with others.

Some of the things that S-LPs may work on include:

  • Social communication
  • Eye contact
  • Understanding communication (following directions)
  • Using language (gestures, vocabulary and joining words to form sentences)

Why would I access this service?

Speech and Language, kids speech services, stuttering, language issues, Autism, communication problems

Early difficulties with spoken language, understanding language and social communication can result in problems with reading, writing and overall learning. If not addressed in a timely manner, struggles with communication can have a lifelong effect. As children get older and have a communication difficulty, it can be more difficult for them to make friends or be successful in school. If the problems persist into adulthood there can be many after effects— socially, academically and professionally. Adults with communication issues may find themselves struggling in their work and personal lives. Early intervention is the key to success at any age.

What are the benefits of speech therapy?

Obtaining the skills to improve speech, language and/or social communication can result in improved reading, writing and overall academic success in children as well as improved social skills. As a result, a child may experience a higher level of confidence and quality of life as their ability to communicate at school and among friends improves.