Self Care - The Benefits of Journaling

Journaling can be extremely beneficial to our mental health. Journaling does not necessarily mean documenting your thoughts, feelings and actions in great amounts of detail, all it takes is some thoughtful output from pen to paper when the mood strikes. While journaling daily is not necessary in order to reap positive benefits, regular practice can provide significant clarity and release of feelings that may be holding us back in one form or another. In times of stress or emotional despair, particularly when there is not an opportunity for verbal discussion, the act of putting our thoughts, feelings and concerns to paper can in itself provide comfort.  The process of expressing your feelings unfiltered, without worrying about judgement can be very freeing.

The messages we tell ourselves can sometimes lead us to become overwhelmed particularly when dealing with stressful or highly emotional situations. The result of this can be blaming others, continuing self-defeating thinking or feeling unable to let go. The act of journaling can help us to recognize our distorted thought processes and by writing down our feelings and reading them back to ourselves, it can lead us to a moment of enlightenment, helping us to better understand our self-defeating thoughts.

Give it a try! Don’t set an unrealistic goal that forces you to write each and everyday, just give yourself the nudge to write tidbits of your feelings on an as needed basis and relish in the benefits!