Self Care - Drawing out Stress with Adult Colouring Books

Adult colouring books are one of the hottest new trends. They are topping Amazon’s best sellers list, flying off bookstore shelves, all over the media, and everyone is talking about them. So why the sudden popularity and how could they be beneficial to you or someone you know? This article takes a look at adult colouring books and how they fit into the overall shift towards a greater awareness and appreciation of the benefits of art, art as therapy, and Art Therapy. Why have adult colouring books become so popular?

As the awareness and appreciation of the benefits of engaging with art, art as therapy, and Art Therapy are on the rise, so too is the popularity of adult colouring books. More light is being shed on the effectiveness of art as an outlet, as a form of self-care, and as a stress reliever. Our society is also becoming increasingly more health conscious. While the focus of a healthy lifestyle previously emphasized eating well and being active, it has expanded to include taking care of one’s mental wellbeing. As a result, art, art as therapy, and Art Therapy are being introduced into more settings and are becoming more accessible. Although adult colouring books have been around for quite some time, this sudden popularity may be attributed to adult colouring books being a piece in the bigger picture of an overall increase in the appreciation for the arts. The effectiveness of adult colouring books depends on the individual using them. Any art medium can be used as a tool for releasing stress; it is more about the medium that is best for each individual. Some may find colouring books to be the best stress release, while others may enjoy drawing, painting, or working with clay. Another reason why adult colouring books have become so popular is because anyone can use them. There is no need for previous artistic experience. Whether you’re an amateur or an artist, adult colouring books are a valuable tool.

What are the benefits of adult colouring books?

Benefits of using an adult colouring book may include:

  • An outlet for self-expression.
  • Cathartic.
  • A form of self-care – dedicating some time to yourself to do something that you enjoy.
  • Relaxation.
  • Colouring can be a mindless activity and you can get lost in the moment, everything else – time and daily stresses may be forgotten while one is immersed in colouring.
  • Being lost in the moment can also distract one from physical pain.
  • Colouring may be nostalgic of one’s childhood and of a less stressful time.
  • Adult colouring books are socially acceptable – these colouring books are intended to be used by adults.
  • Colouring books may be less daunting than a blank page.
  • Feelings of mastery.
  • Enhanced quality of life.