Parenting - The Importance of Praise

In the midst of parenting and teaching you sometimes find yourself placing focus or acknowledgment on what a child did incorrectly. It is easy to constantly correct your child’s inappropriate behaviours but while correcting inappropriate behaviour we need to be praising the behaviour we want to see more often.

Something so simple such as “ Good job putting your dish in the sink” can go along way to reinforcing the behaviour we want to see an increase in. While we are teaching children things they should not be doing, it is critically important to remind them of the things they do well. By praising your child for good behaviour you are telling them that what they did was right and they will be more likely to repeat the behaviour that was reinforced.

By praising your child in situations you are also helping build self-esteem and self worth. By acknowledging things that your child has done correctly they will feel more confident in their environment and feel better equipped to complete certain tasks.

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