Anxiety - Anxiety and Allergies

Discovering that a child has allergies can create challenges for both the child and their family. Despite the challenges faced, the child and their family come together to find ways to cope with the child’s allergies. Years later, the child reaches an age where they start to become more independent and are spending more time away from their family. This can pose new challenges for the child and the family, as the child now has to learn to self-advocate about their allergies. These new challenges can lead to anxiety for the child and possibly for their family too. Despite the new challenges and possible resulting anxiety, the child and family will once again come together to find new ways to cope. Counselling can provide a safe space for the child and their family to explore these new challenges, the anxiety that they may be experiencing as a result, and to develop coping strategies. The attached link takes a further look at the connection between allergies and the anxiety that may stem from them. Check This out!